Liquid and two-phase cooling

We have developed a number of  liquid cooling systems. Our cooling plates enable cooling of e.g. power electronics or data centers.

We have experience in the use of phase change materials and air cooling.

We offer analysis, specification of requirements, design of the cooling system (heat exchanger, system, pump), tests and implementation.

We offer cooling plates made in tubed plate technology (pressed, glued, soldered), drilled and mini-channel. By using the friction stir welding technology, we offer cold plates with a lower mass, volume and greater cooling capacity (up to 120% greater heat transfer than for air cooling). As part of R&D activities, we have also developed composite cooling plates made of thermally conductive and electrically insulating thermoplastic composites (more can be seen in our portfolio).

Liquid cooling offers reduction of the volume of the cooling system, efficiency increase (energy saving) and improvements in ergonomics (less noise). This is a particularly significant advantage for applications such as data centers.

Below are examples of our solutions: