Our services


Byotta has the know-how in batteries including NMC, LTO, LFP and various cell geometries. We provide battery pack design and prototypes.


Thermal management is our core competence. We offer cooling systems that will enable safe operation of your batteries and electronics.


We have experience in testing batteries and cooling systems. One of our jobs is to test your equipment and suggest our unique solutions.

Safe charging in less than 10 minutes

Custom battery module

We have designed, built and tested battery module in cooperation with Trolleybus Transport Company (PKT Gdynia), the City of Gdynia and EXCENTO (e-Pionier project granted by The National Centre of Research and Development).

Rapid charging

Our custom charging-discharging infrastructure allows us to simulate trolleybus or electric bus driving cycle and on top of that we have tested rapid charging. Our battery was charged from 0% to 80% in just 6 minutes.

Optimal temperature control

Our cooling design incorporates two technologies: innovative liquid cooling cold plate and phase change materials. Our polymer composite cold plate is thermally conductive and electrically insulative. We have reduced temperature increase more than 3 times.

About us

The operation of electrical equipment often involves generation of large amount of heat. Temperature increase causes a decrease in the operating parameters and lifetime of batteries and electronics. The growing popularity of batteries and the desire to increase power and energy densities of devices cause that thermal aspects become more and more important. Byotta meets these challenges – we have knowledge and experience in the areas of energy storage and heat exchange. We offer designs, prototypes and tests in the field of batteries and cooling systems. We are currently working on a battery cooling system for the electric bus.

Byotta was founded in 2018 by Maciej Raczkowski, Karol Gryń and Mariusz Smentoch (from left to right in the picture). The team is working on battery cooling systems since 2017.