Byotta – Battery Thermal Management Systems

Our Goal

Byotta’s goal is to provide the electric vehicle market with a battery thermal management system that has an outstanding cooling capacity, enabling ultra-charging within an optimal battery temperature range (<40°C) at all times. To develop a product with superior performance, our diverse team of engineers is combining the following technologies:

  • Novel heat exchanger geometry to provide superior cooling capacity
  • Phase-change materials chosen for extreme discharge/charge conditions
  • Advanced control algorithms for battery protection and energy-savings, including a predictive control strategy

We are also working on cooling systems made of thermally enhanced plastics to provide a cheaper and lighter alternative.

After a year of extensive theoretical, computational and experimental research we have acquired additional funding to further develop and secure our technology.

Our Team

Mariusz Smentoch – R&D, Co-founder

Karol Gryń – R&D, Co-founder

Maciej Raczkowski – R&D, Co-founder

Zbigniew Kneba – Consultant, Postdoc

Jan Wajs – Consultant, Postdoc

Michał Szymański – Consultant, Business Development

At the core of our team are three co-founders who work full-time as R&D engineers in the project. Together, we have a strong academic background in battery testing, heat exchanger design, material science, algorithms and electronics.

We cooperate with Gdańsk University of Technology, but own 100% of the intellectual property. We are supported by our part-time experts from the scientific and business communities.

The Offer

Our team’s mission is to solve problems and engineer solutions in order to increase the life expectancy of automotive batteries. We would like to continue to develop our technology with battery manufacturers, vehicle producers and other battery users to showcase the capability of systems. We are committed to solving the current problems and challenges concerning battery thermal management systems. We are looking for partners within the industry to discuss their needs, engineering requirements and economical motivations.

We would be happy to further discuss how we might contribute to your projects, please feel free to reach out to us by contacting a member of our team!