Hybrid battery cooling system

One of the significant problems with electric vehicle batteries is how they heat up. Thermal management of batteries is a big challenge, especially in the case of fast charging. The faster (i.e., more powerfully) a battery is charged or discharged, the more heat it will generate. Overheating the battery has a negative impact on its service life, and in extreme cases may lead to its failure (e.g. thermal runaway).​

We have decided to tackle this problem. As part of the e-Pionier project, our team carried out a project of a proprietary battery thermal management system using liquid cooling and phase change materials.​

The project was implemented in cooperation with trolleybus operator in Gdynia, the City of Gdynia and EXCENTO (a special purpose entity of the Gdańsk University of Technology).​

The result of the project was a prototype that allows the battery to be charged in 6 minutes without overheating. The project was further developed and as a result an implementation of a full scale cooling system was carried out with the manufacturer of electric buses SEE MORE.