Stationary energy storage systems

We offer ready-made photovoltaic sets with assembly. We cooperate with photovoltaic installation companies and we are open to cooperation in the field of delivery and installation of energy storage facilities.

The energy storage systems developed by us are based on safe and stable LiFePO4 chemistry, Byotta’s proprietary mechanical and electronic design. We used proprietary solutions in the field of battery protection (battery management system BMS) and software.

Thanks to experience in the implementation of projects, e.g. according to automotive standards, our solution is characterized by an emphasis on a high level of reliability and safety. As a manufacturer, we offer support in the selection, installation and use of energy storages supplied by us.

Our offer includes low-voltage (48V DC) and high-voltage (>100V DC) batteries. We offer the possibility of integration and communication with inverters for the needs of photovoltaic installations.

Our goal is to offer high quality solutions at an affordable price. We do this through control at every stage of product development – from design, through production, to distribution.