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Engineering services

We offer a wide range of engineering services. We carry out mechanical, electronic and programming projects as well as research and development activities (R&D services).

We are distinguished by the fact that we tackle even the most complex and demanding technical problems of our clients. Tell us the problem and we will try to find a solution.

We offer our clients an analysis of the state of the art solutions, documentation, design, prototype production, testing, production organization and support in the certification process.



We have developed a proprietary 12V lithium-ion battery module (energy storage system) that enables the construction of bigger energy systems. The system is equipped with proprietary electronics (battery management system – BMS) and control software developed by Byotta’s engineers.

We also offer electronic solutions such as dedicated displays, telemetry systems or monitoring systems, as well as a number of solutions for the use in electronic cooling systems (liquid cooling and phase change cooling).

Examples from our portfolio

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