Battery design

In addition to a range of ready-made battery products, we offer dedicated batteries tailored to customer needs. Thanks to Byotta’s proprietary hardware and programming platform, we can deliver a battery with the required dimensions, electrical parameters and appearance in a short time. We invite companies that design, manufacture, service or manage battery-powered equipment and vehicles to cooperate with us. 

We are not just a design team – we are a supplier, that after design phase, will produce and supply you with custom lithium-ion products.

Our team consists of engineers with experience in the implementation of complex projects, e.g. in the field of mechanics, electronics and programming. We will help in the implementation of the project by providing a lithium-ion battery and support at the stage of equipment selection and testing.

We acted, among others as part of international cooperation to build and electric vehicle battery and with large industrial companies, e.g. Solaris Bus & Coach. We undertake the implementation of even the most ambitious projects of our clients. We have worked with functional safety standards such as ISO 26262 to provide customers with reliable and safe solutions.

We are distinguished by flexibility in operation and the fact that we develop projects in a comprehensive manner. We create projects for large enterprises as well as analyzes and prototypes for smaller companies or start-ups. We approach each project individually and adjust the team accordingly. In most of the cases, the cooperation proceeds as follows:

  • Requirement identification
  • Concept and analysis
  • Engineering project
  • Prototyping
  • Internal tests 
  • Certification and production
  • Support