Batteries for electric vehicles

Based on our experience and technology, we offer batteries for powering vehicle accessories and electric vehicle drives.

Our batteries can be used, among others as cabin energy storage for boats, houseboats and campers. In addition, Byotta’s lithium-ion modules can be used as batteries for the propulsion of electric vehicles.

Byotta batteries are well-suited for applications where low weight, space, durability and the ability to constantly charge and discharge at high current are important. Our batteries offer up to 10 times longer life and more than 2 times less weight than standard lead-acid batteries.

Byotta’s proprietary electronics and advanced algorithms stand out from other lithium-ion competitive solutions. Our battery is also equipped with an automatic heating function, which allows it to work even in cold environment.

The standard module is 12V 100Ah with the ability to work up to 48V.

We also offer the development of dedicated batteries, e.g. for specialized applications. Examples of Byotta’s solutions can be found in our portfolio:

Solar boat battery


Utility vehicle battery