Batteries for electric drives

Based on our experience and technology, we offer solutions for electric vehicles and drives.

Byotta batteries are a good solution for applications where low weight, small space, long cycle life and the ability to load and charge with high current for a long time are important. Our batteries are characterized by up to 10 times longer life and over 2 times less weight than in the case of standard lead-acid batteries.

Byotta’s proprietary electronics and advanced algorithms make the battery stand out from other lithium-ion solutions. Our battery is also equipped with an automatic heating function, which allows it to work even in sub-zero temperatures.

The standard low voltage module is 12V 100Ah, configurable to 24V, 36V, 48V and 96V DC.

Our high-voltage modules can be tailored to the needs of a given vehicle and operate in the range above 100V DC.

Batteries can be used for industrial drives (e.g. construction machines, cranes), specialized vehicles (forklifts, cleaning machines, airport equipment) and electric vehicles (motorcycles, quads).

Examples can be found in our portfolio:

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