Batteries for electrical equipment (RV, yachts, electronics)

We offer low-voltage batteries (12-48V DC) to power accessories in RVs and boat decks. Our batteries, in cooperation with a photovoltaic inverter or a regular inverter, allow you to power all the equipment on board.

Our standard capacities are 100Ah and 230Ah, but it is possible to supply smaller and larger batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries developed by Byotta are solutions tailored to applications with remotely powered devices, e.g. cameras for monitoring on construction sites without contact with the power grid, sensors (e.g. air quality control), road lamps, studio lighting or temporary lighting to ensure safety on roads.

Our solutions are characterized by a longer life compared to popular lead-acid batteries used, for example, in CCTV or road lighting. In addition, thanks to much smaller weight and volume, we give more possibilities, e.g. in the field of mounting cameras or building a RV.

Our batteries work with photovoltaic installations, e.g. for installation on a RV, boat, powering lamps or cameras.

An example of a battery for these applications can be found in our portfolio: battery for remote monitoring and cooperation with a PV panel more.