Software development

We provide programming services: embedded embedded software (especially systems based on STM32), web and desktop applications (frontend and backend), C, C ++, C #, Python, Java, JavaScript, control algorithms (e.g. power, temperature, flow) . We also undertake the implementation of projects related to data processing.

Our experience in the implementation of programming projects includes: software for battery control (including safety functions), software for controlling the operation of an electric vehicle, applications and data conversion, encryption, systems for controlling the drive system, fluid flow in the system and temperature of the devices.

We carry out activities in accordance with the requirements of a given project by selecting the appropriate technology, environment and architecture.

Through cooperation with our partners, we offer the possibility of code certification in terms of functional safety (e.g. ISO 26262).

We offer consulting and optimization services as well as complete project implementation for the client (design, execution, tests and implementation).

Examples of software development projects can be found in our portfolio:

On-board computer and dedicated electronics for the electric vehicle


Comprehensive battery design (hardware and software) for a light electric vehicle


Dedicated battery for a solar boat with a control panel and GPS


Hybrid battery cooling system for a trolleybus