Electronics | PCB Design

We provide services in the field of electronics: analysis of solutions, PCB design, preparation and verification of technical documentation, building and testing of prototypes, creation of bill of materials (BOM), support in the selection of subcontractors, organization of production.

Our experience in the implementation of electronic projects includes: power control and conversion systems (including converters, transistor systems), embedded systems, IoT solutions (including telemetry systems), sensors and measurement methods, installation accessories solar panels, batteries (energy storage), screens and control panels.

We carry out projects in accordance with the requirements of a given project: selection of components according to the level of certification, cost optimization, selection or design of the housing, designing test systems for production, miniaturization or modernization of the client’s existing projects. We use good practices that take into account redundancy in protection systems, thermal optimization or aspects related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

We have extensive experience in designing battery management systems (we offer battery management system – SEE MORE) and in thermal management of electronics.

Through cooperation with our partners, we offer the possibility of carrying out certification tests, organization of production in larger quantities or specialized tests (e.g. tests in the field of radio waves, electrical insulation tests, precise resistance measurements and many others).

We offer consulting and optimization services as well as complete project implementation for the client (design, prototyping, tests and production).

Examples of our electronics projects can be found in our portfolio:

On-board computer and dedicated electronics for the electric vehicle


Comprehensive battery design (hardware and software) for a light electric vehicle


Analysis and prototyping of a device for collecting radio wave energy


Battery management system – BMS